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a script wil write more

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a script wil write more

Post by LoveHugsHaile♥ on Thu Dec 29, 2011 2:54 pm

ok syd i made this for you that way you wont get confused with the video Smile
characters Chloe, Miss Star < me Mrs. Bennet< orphanage lady and we still need 2 villans XD
setting: outside the orphanage (farm)
Mrs Bennet: ok chloe there is a lady here that wants to adopt you. be on your best behavior
Chloe: ok . . .
Mrs. Bennet: i mean it!
miss star gets out of her car
Miss star: why hello there! are you chloe?
Chloe: maybe . . .
mrs bennet glances at chloe (the glance emoticon)
Chloe: yes . . .
miss star: well chloe i guarantee you will like living with me Smile
Chloe: i'm pretty sure i wont
miss star: . . .
mrs bennet: . . . i'm sorry about this miss star yes she will
miss star: well heres hoping
Chloe: . . .
miss star and chloe drive and arrive at home home ( maxines condo)
miss star: sorry it's not much
Chloe: it's fine . . . wheres my room?
miss star: up the stairs
chloe starts to walk up the stairs
miss star: chloe wait
chloe: ?
miss star: i know your still adjusting but please give me a chance
chloe just looks at her and runs upstairs
miss star: oh boy this is not gonna be easy..........

so yeah this is a part of the story in script that you can use syd i just made this whole story up 10 minutes ago but i hope you like it. what does om mean

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Re: a script wil write more

Post by AdminFluffy♥ on Thu Dec 29, 2011 4:35 pm

Cant wait to see this when done! Wink

Next time please don't double post(:
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Re: a script wil write more

Post by AdminDiamond on Thu Dec 29, 2011 7:22 pm

Hey haile that looks really good just next time could you not make a thread and just om it to her? Thanks! post the video once it's done though!

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Re: a script wil write more

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